PMX - 綠環境職人清潔化油劑
PMX - Green Eco Pro Degreaser
PMX – Green Eco Pro Degreaser is a new high-tech product made in Japan, with purely natural plants as raw material, food additives,
advanced de-ionisation technique. It’s a natural environmental friendly degreaser.
Raw material includes: coconut, malic acid, sodium gluconate, etc.
Features of PMX – Green Eco Pro Degreaser
No harmful material
An environmental friendly product with pure natural plants as raw material, non-toxic, non-irritative, no secondary pollution
Super strong staining removal and surface protection
Unique biodegrading technique, degrading varies of grease rapidly, non-corrosive. Does not cause surface degradation of wood, metal, clothing fibre, etc.
Multipurpose, no residues, a solution to blockage of drains, grease trap, septic tank
其少泡沫, 低温性多用途特質, 適用於廚房洗净,隔油池,冷却塔,淨化槽,自動洗碗機和洗衣機。
Very little foam, low temperature property, multipurpose.
Can be used for kitchen cleaning, grease trap, cooling tower, septic tank, automatic dishwasher and washing machine.
Prevent growth of harmful bacteria, fungus
其天然成分提供生物分解力,在去油污之同時,與接觸體表面形成活性保護膜, 促進益菌繁殖,
Natural material in the product provides bio degradation property.
An active protection film is formed on the surface while cleaning away the grease.
It promotes growth of good bacteria that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus.
以下是 PMX - 清潔化油劑的測試實例:
Test examples of PMX - Green Eco Pro Degreaser

(一) 超強的清潔去污能力和無腐蝕性
Super power in stain removal and non-corrosive

Test: (A) protective plate of the exhaust fan, grease has crystallised already, soaked in 15x diluted solution of our product,
10 minute late grease was separated from the surface without damage to the metal surface.

Test:(B) filtering plate behind exhaust fan, spraying 15x diluted solution of our product onto its surface,
grease and stains were separated from the material and it could be wiped off with wet clothes.

Test:(C) parts from a car, soaked in 30X diluted solution for 10 minutes, it was cleaned after washed with water and wiped with clothes.
(二) 無毒性,安全,保護性,不刺激皮膚
Non-toxic, safe, protective, non-irritative
1) PMX清潔劑不僅可以將手上的工業重油清除,而且不會產生接觸性刺激。
PMX - Green Eco Pro Degreaser can be used to clean industrial grease on hands with no irritation when it’s in contact with skin.
Because the biodegrading technique, there’s no grease stuck on hand even when it’s placed into the solution that contains degraded grease. So there’s no secondary pollution with used solution.
(三) 多用途,不腐蝕性,適合塑膠,金屬,木材等等
Multipurpose, non-corrosive, suitable for plastic, metal, wood, etc.
Unique bio-degrading technique enables rapid degradation of all different grease.
There’s no damage or corrosion to metal, plastic, wood, fibre and clothes and other materials.
(四) 不殘留特性,無二次污染
No residues, no secondary pollution
Testing sample is a piece of metal from the interior of an exhaust fan. It’s covered with very thick grease.
It was soaked in 15x diluted solution for 30 minutes. The grease slowly degraded and finally all came off the metal piece.
The degraded grease didn’t feel greasy after degradation.
Direction :
  • 根據污垢程度調整清潔劑的稀釋濃度
    Dilute according to the level of grease accumulation
  • 頑固性污垢稀釋濃度為 5~10倍(噴於物體時用的濃度)
    5-10 x diluted solution for stubborn grease stain (concentration used to spray on object)
  • 一般性污垢稀釋濃度為10~15倍(噴於物體時用的濃度)
    10-15x diluted solution for average amount of grease stain (concentration used tospray on object)
  • 頑固性污垢稀釋濃度為10~15倍 (最好浸泡30分鐘以上)
    10-15x diluted solution for stubborn grease stains (best to soak for more than 30 minutes)
  • 一般性污垢稀釋濃度為20~30倍(最好浸泡10-30分鐘以上)
    20-30x diluted solution for average level of grease stain (best to soak for more than 10-3- min)